How Small Businesses Can Create an Effective Technology Strategy

IT business-strategy

Since the rise of the internet revolution, technology is not a supporting function any longer. Instead it has become an important driver of business growth for organizations of all sizes and from all sectors. Small businesses from non-technology sectors often find the task of trying to develop a technology strategy to be rather daunting, although most of these business don’t even have one. IT business-strategy

The companies are not only strapped for cash, but they also have little to no internal capabilities when it comes to technology as well as very little access to expert advice.

When a company does not have an effective technology strategy it can really be a drain on business resources, pushing the organization further behind the competition or even at times causing the organization to go out of business.

In this article we will provide useful advice to small business owners on how to get started. The following are some of the important factors that need to be considered when developing an effective technology strategy for a small business.

Government And Legal Compliance

Planning for technology to keep the business in government and legal compliance is the top priority. The last thing that a business wants to have happen is to get distracted away from its core trade and potentially going bankrupt having to contest litigations. As an example, a restaurant needs to have technology planned for Employee Time sheets, PCI Compliance, Sales Tax, etc.

Customer Experience And Core Business

Technology that facilitates customer experience and core business comes next. They are the services that customers pay for and generate revenue directly. A business must plan appropriately and allocate funding for this area. As an example, in order for a restaurant to be success, it needs to have good technology for taking customer orders and execute service and in the kitchen.

If customers don’t receive the food they ordered or receive it late, it will affect the business of the restaurant. Providing customers with free WiFi internet can help to improve customer experience.

Digital Reputation And Marketing

To attract customers, a business must not only let customers know that it exists, but it must also make a buzz continuously in order to stay ahead of its competition. For any business’ success, effective marketing is an extremely critical factor. In the internet savvy world of today, a majority of customers search about products and services online before purchasing it.

That makes having a good online reputation and maintaining it very important for all businesses. This is the next thing that a business needs to pay for and appropriate funds need to be allocated. As an example, a restaurant may want to set up a website to inform customers about their restaurant as well as the menu.

For digital reputation and marketing, it should set up and maintain an active presence on social networking platforms like Yelp, Twitter and Facebook. It can be more effective to use internet marketing methods instead of using traditional marketing channels since a larger audience can be reached at a much lower cost.

Operational Effectiveness And Efficiency

The next thing that needs to be considered is planning for technology that is related to improving operational effectiveness and efficiency. Investing in technology for operational efficiency helps to reduce costs, cut down on waste and improve your bottom line substantially.

Whenever savings from improved efficiency are more than the cost of the technology, it is a worthwhile investment. As an example, when a restaurant has technology for material planning and inventory, it can reduce food spoilage and inventory carry cost substantially, which adds directly to profits.

The Cloud, Outsource Or In-source

After you have determined what you want, then it is time for you to plan how these capabilities can be acquired. A majority of non-technology small business have no or minimal internal capability. In addition hiring staff for areas outside of the core of the business can be very expensive. So, unless a business already has employees with technology skills, taking the in-sourcing route might not be a very good strategy.

These days, most of the finest technology, both software and platforms, are usually available on the cloud. It should be considered as the first preference. For a small business, in addition to being cost effective, the cloud also enables a business to remain focused on what its core strengths are. Outsourcing can be considered, but only for things that aren’t available on the cloud.

Data Security And Strategy

After planning what is needed, along with how it can be acquired, it’s also very important to plan for and research retention, data storage and security strategy. It is critical that data storage be in compliance with all government laws for usage, encryption standards, retention period, physical location and other factors.

Before making a final decision on purchasing services with a cloud service provider, all agreements must be reviewed first. Usually cloud platforms come with the finest breed security infrastructure. When data is in-house it can add to safety and security costs.

Review On A Regular Basis

Always plant to review your Technology Strategy on a regular basis so that it stays in alignment with your business goals as well as other aspects that were discussed above. Keep in mind that the market, competitors, customer expectations, technology and laws are constantly change, so your strategy must as well in order to stay aligned.

Effective technology strategy for you business? Consult Sistema Technologies today for IT services.

Assessing an Internet business Opportunity


Are you pondering which business opportunity in Singapore can create a genuine income and which of them are scams? Regardless if you are searching for a good affiliate network program or a real estate investment opportunity, you have to cut through the chase. Considering the overwhelming claims which can be on the market these days, it appears nearly impossible to find out which direction to turn for true information.


Listed here are the five things to look into when analysing business opportunities.

1. Who is behind the particular business?

You can discover a lot simply by making a calling. However, do not be amazed if 90% of the business opportunities on the market do not have a telephone number on the website. 2.5% use a telephone number with a bad quality answering machine. And yet another 2.5 % has got ‘slick willy’ prepared to burn up your charge card.

Indeed, it’s going to cost you some money to speak with the business owner. However, it is an inexpensive investment in your near future. Here are a few things to pay attention to if you do get a live individual. To begin with, inquire if he/she is the owner. Next, if they do not have a well-defined site detailing what the business opportunity is all about, enquire about the things you feel are lacking. Keep in mind, should you get hold of the owner; they’ll most likely provide you with about 5-10 minutes of their time thus know what to ask prior to you picking up the phone.

Other suggestions to keep in mind are: When they try to sell you within the very first moment, they’re most likely just planning to get in your pockets. If it’s a co-employee picking up the phone, ask to talk to the owner. If a person is hiding it’s either because they really are too hectic to speak with you, or perhaps they’ve just employed somebody who is good at punching in your charge card number.

Many people who do give a working phone number are genuine but make use of your good instincts and ask smart questions, and you’ll understand a lot.

2. Any kind of legal cases pending?

When I’ve been exploring various business opportunities, I usually type into Search engines the business name followed by the phrase ‘lawsuit.’ If there is a legal case pending, it’ll often display in the first 20 listings. An important thing to keep in mind is to verify the legal action. At times, individuals are slanderous and simply out to spoilt a good person reputation. It does not happen usually. However, it does happen.


How to Start Investing in Real Estate

Real estate investing has become increasingly popular in the last decade due to a strong housing market and competitive interest rates. Each day more and more people decide to enter the real estate market, either by buying their first home or buying a secondary property to lease or renovate. However, real estate isn’t as easy as most people think. Real estate is not simply about buying, selling, renting and/or renovating properties. There are a lot of factors to consider and lots of things to learn.

If you are an aspiring real estate investor, there are several ways for you to enter the market.

1) Build and sell

If you have significant capital, you can enter the real estate market as a developer. A developer basically purchases land (usually cheap, raw land) and build properties which will either be sold or leased. Most build and sell investors choose to develop single family homes and townhouses since it’s easier to sell or lease them. Nonetheless, developers especially the big ones often develop high-rise condominium buildings, commercial properties and office spaces among others.

The downside of build and sell is that you need a large amount of cash to start with. In order to remedy liquidity problems, most real estate developers partner with banks for financing or sometimes the properties are pre-sold to buyers.

2) Flipping

Flipping is the practice of buying, renovating and re-selling a property for a profit. In the US, flipping is arguably one the more popular ways of real estate investing. It is not really surprising since flipping does not require that much money compared to the build and sell approach and is also more flexible.

For investors looking to flip real estate properties, the most important step is actually the first step – the search for the right property to buy. Investors must have a keen eye for undervalued property. Likewise, they should also keep a close watch on their renovation budget. Most unsuccessful/unprofitable flips is a result of spending too much on renovation.

3) Buying rental properties

Buying rental properties is one good way to build a constant stream of income. A portfolio of rental properties is also considered a gateway to financial freedom. Just think about it, if you own 10 rental properties, netting at least $500 a month for each property, you’re already financially secured for the rest of your life.

The challenge in building a portfolio of rental properties is always the first one but as soon as you learn the ropes and find the discipline required to succeed, a portfolio of 10 properties isn’t impossible.

4) Buying tax liens and tax deeds

If you have little money to invest, buying tax liens and tax deeds may just be the perfect alternative for you. Tax liens are unpaid tax obligations attach to a real estate property. As a tax lien investor, you’re bidding to carry and settle the obligation. In return, you’ll be given a tax deed that serves as a notice the owner of the property to pay you for the attached tax lien on his property. Tax deeds also incur expenses which is usually 3 to 36 percent, depending on the state where the property is located.

Page One Engine Google Referencing : internal optimizing site

With Page One Engine Program, you’ll learn to facilitate the navigation of your website to better referencing this one by using a menu that provide the user (and Google) a link to each of your categories of items on each page of your website.

In short, link your pages with each others (called Internal links by Page One Engine).

Page One EngineSo, Google bots will find it easier to index every page and the PageRank of each of your pages will be distributed over the whole of your site. Thus, your domain will be worth more in the eyes of Google.

Create a Site Map to reference the site more effectively

A SiteMap is a file that provides a web site map for easy indexing by Google (to make a summary). But know that have one for your site is a must for your site to be listed.

In addition, there are a lot of WordPress extensions allowing you to create one automatically and very easily (WP SEO by Yoast for example)…Page One Engine secret :)

Use a WordPress plugin for SEO tasks to reference the site more easily
If you need to analyze everything yourself, you’ll spend a lot of time. A time that you could spend on other tasks and will be lost in some ways.

When am I asked the question: “How to reference the site? “, I always emphasized the importance of having an extension that facilitates the achievement of SEO tasks and save time to concentrate on other things.
Referencing a site for Google: Page One Engine 3 main external criteria

Factor 1 : Trust and authority in your field.

When someone makes a link to your blog it means that it has confidence in your site and it gives value to your content. At least that is how Google sees it. As a result, then more people trust you by putting links to your site, the more Google will be confidence in it.

In addition, the reputation of the site that you link is also made by Google. The backlink will not have the same value if it comes from a site with a PageRank of 3 or a site with a PageRank of 6.

And finally, it is also noted that the age of your domain also has an impact on confidence and authority in your field in the eyes of Google. But do not concern yourself too much with it as each site begins one day and it is possible to gainhigher ranking in search results from Google.

Factor 2 : The number of external links that point to your website (backlinks)

This part is a little derivative of the previous one, but still I wanted to highlight it. The number of backlinks is also taken into account by Google. However, you should prefer to have a quality link, rather than a dozen poor quality links.
You must must understand that bad links can harm your image in the eyes of Google.

What then?
Get the most possible Backlinks, but bevery careful about the quality of these (so forget the sites that offer to list your site for free or very cheaply automatically. This will hurt your image …)

Factor 3 : Backlinks Anchors

What is an anchor? This is the text on which is placed the link to your website. For example, if your paper deals with organic farming in Burgundy, if your link is placed on “Click here”, he will have less value than if placed on “Organic farming in Burgundy.”

Google therefore does not take into account only the number of links and quality, but also words on which these links are placed.

Try to always contact the Webmasters who links to your site to change their anchors if they are not profitable to the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines.

Referencing a site on Google: the concluding sentence

To effectively referencing his site as much on Google than other search engines, it is important to focus on both the internal optimization of its website and the external optimization criteria influencing your positioning.

Come now: What do you do to reference your website? What advice would you give to beginners bloggers? Do you like what Page One Engine tips?

Tips for a newbie investor

Tips for a newbie investor

Nowadays, leaving your money in a savings account is just not enough. People are searching for greater potential for growth and they usually find that through investment. Everyone can invest if their set their facts strait and know exactly what they are doing.

Before you begin investing, set your finances and time frame to know what you are getting yourself into. Current economic climate dictates low interest rates and inflation rising, and if your money is in a savings account you’re losing them, due to inflation beating the return on interest rates. You can beat the unfavorable economic climate with investment and better your financial situation in long term.


No investment is without risk. But, the greater the risk, the greater the potential for financial growth is. Get yourself informed before even considering investing your money, by understanding investment risk. Before you make the financial decisions, consider these steps and you’ll avoid most of the risk out there.


Financial goals

You have to have a clear goal, a clear picture of what you want to achieve by investing your money. Strategies for investing are different from a different standing point, so be sure if you are you just looking to grow your money, or you want to provide an income. Set the starting amount of money that you are comfortable to send, or project the minimum income that you’ll need as a result of your investment. Knowing how much you have, how much are you willing to spend and how much you expect to gain will help you to decide on how much risk you are willing take to reach your goals.

Time frame

You need to project the time you will need to achieve your financial and other goals. This projected time frame will help you chose the rates of return from your investments and will show you if your goals are realistic or not. You can also decide on time frame depending on your age. For short term goals of less than five years you better stick to cash savings. A medium term goals of five to ten years and long term goals of ten years and more make a suitable time frame, but if you are older, avoid investments with a larger time frame, because you will have less time to recover if things go south.


Risk attitude

Don’t let your attitude get in front of the numbers. Yes, it is natural to want the money to grow fast over a shorter period, and you may be tempted to invest riskier. But bare in mind that patience will bring you more, if you are willing to wait.


Affordable investing

You have to be very realistic on how much money you can afford to invest and rely on the numbers. Make good assessment of liabilities such as debts, as well as pension contributions, savings and living costs. Good assessment will show you to see how much to invest, because once you put that money aside, you should avoid access to that money for other purposes. If you’re not able to do good assessment, better ask for a financial advice.

Cut your cost with corporate housing than hotel stay in Texas

In the world of the travel industry, one usually has a number of options to choose from. From the hotel stays to condos to furnished corporate apartments, there are all the pros and cons of each one of them just after you decide the percentage of budget you are likely to spend on any of them. Only then, you would be able to live hassle and worry free. Let’s consider a few ways you could cut down on your costs one you opt to go for a furnished corporate apartment for your extended stay;

The foremost aspect to be considered is the amount of space that you would be able to utilize at the price that you are paying. While you might be spending a lot on a single, deluxe room or even suite-a corporate apartment still gives you ample space with your personal bedroom, lounge and kitchen and that too, based on fair charges.

Secondly, if you are on a relaxing or a business trip, hotels expect you to pay for the resort fee while the same services including high speed internet, business centers, fitness centers, swimming pool, daily news paper etc. are inclusive in your luxurious stay. These daily costs usually amount to $10 to $40 each day and would have an immense effect on your final bill payment.

In addition to that, hotel laundry services are usually operated through coins and you along with paying for your daily laundry, you will also have to go to the specific area every now and then. On the other hand, you have the washers and dryer installed in your apartment at your individual service or you could apply for the house keeping service if you wish to do so.

While corporate housing in Texas may tend to be highly customizable and special requests are likely to increase your costs of living too, but the comforts of living are sure to fulfill your passion for luxury in all ways. Moreover, you can also enjoy the opportunity to enjoy solitude in your beautiful private balcony or enjoy quality time with multiple occupants. This usually calls for additional money during hotel stays due to the number of occupants.

The corporate apartments are an even wise option since you have the fully furnished kitchen to your own self and you do not only have to rely on the hotel kitchen or nearby eat outs for even the mini snacks you could otherwise prepare in five minutes. Considering the high leisure budgets, this definitely calls for a lot of cost cutting.

Therefore, it is evident how a luxury apartment is likely to guarantee a tranquil and relaxing environment with an added opportunity to lessen your costs which could have been spent on excessive hotel bills. Its luxury, it worth spending money on and that too in a place like Texas.

Investing With Sports Betting – Important Points To Remember

Majority of the people who love gambling or taking chances are quickly turning to sports betting as a lucrative and exciting hobby. As a matter of fact, a good number of people engage in sports betting as a means of making money too. If you are planning on engaging in this form of betting, there are some vital points you need to keep in mind. These are discussed below. So, continue reading to find out more.

Top 4 mistakes people make while betting and how you can avoid them to become successful while betting:

i) Overreacting to a winning/losing streak

Risking too much money on one bet and completely deviating from the typical unit size is one of the common mistakes that inexperienced bettors make and end up being broke. While betting, use a flat betting strategy depending on the amount of risk you are willing to take. By increasing unit-size significantly, it will only be a matter of time before you start going on a losing streak. This is why it pays to exercise patience and employ a long-term outlook.

ii) Overreacting to Trends

If a team won five games previously, for instance, someone who is less experienced in betting will immediately assume the team is riding on a winning trend that will last indefinitely. If you analyze historical data, you will discover that such teams are greatly undervalued especially if start losing their matches. This is the main reason why bettors are strongly advised to buy when there is bad news then sell when there is good news. More often than not, bettors also use statistics and trends that may not apply directly to sports betting. This is also encouraged for those who wish to be successful while placing bets. The strategy works most times.

iii) Betting Against Public Opinion

Make it a point of betting against a team receiving most wagers. It is quite common for fans to support those scoring including the winners. Similarly, bettors tend to overvalue a situation where there is home field advantage. The number of people supporting a particular team does not matter. What matters the most is the amount of money riding on a team. More info about this here: zcode system review

iv) Betting on lots of plays

Even though bettors are encouraged to bet on the most profitable signals, some bettors often choose to take on every system triggered. By failing to pay attention to the top-rated plays, your winning percentage is likely to wane. Although monitoring bet signals and line moves are equally crucial, understanding why lines move is the most important. Remember these important points if you would like to be successful in sports betting.

Why Sell on Both Your Own Website and on EBay?

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing businesses in Australia. Many marketers have found financial freedom by setting up their own e-commerce websites or by selling their products on eBay Australia. One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce is that it is comparatively easy to do. There are no overhead costs associated with running an e-commerce business, as is the case with brick and mortar retailers.

There are two choices available to people who wish to start their own e-commerce business. They can choose to build their own website or start selling on eBay Australia. Both of these options have their own pros and cons.

EBay E-Commerce Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of eBay stores is that your business does not have to spend too much time and money on marketing your goods. EBay provides huge numbers of built in buyers. It has usually been the case that if your product is priced right and the listing is set up properly, you are going to sell your product.

An advantage of eBay is that people trust the platform, as it has been available on the Internet since the very beginning. It started in the year 1995 and has since then started operating in more than 30 countries in the world. Overall, people trust it and like to buy from highly rated sellers on eBay.

EBay E-Commerce Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is that it takes a huge cut from your sales in return for the huge number of buyers on its platform.

Another disadvantage of selling on eBay is that it does not offer flexibility in terms of payment options and other things. Sellers are usually restricted in terms of what keywords they can use for their listings and it also does not allow any cross marketing.

Own E-Commerce Store Advantages

The biggest advantage with your own e-commerce store is that you are free to list any kind of products and charge any kind of price to your customers. You also get to keep all the money. It offers you complete flexibility.

Another advantage of your own online store is that you own the relationship with your customers. On other platforms like eBay, the customer maintains its relationship with eBay and not the seller. However, your own e-commerce store offers you the opportunity to own that relationship and sell more.

Own E-Commerce Store Disadvantages

You need to invest in marketing and building your own e-commerce store. It is going to be a bit difficult in the beginning but as you gain reputation and trust of the buyers, your business will grow.

Overall, both the platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. Business experts recommend that one should take advantage of both the platforms and sell more.

These days, building your own e-commerce store is not a very costly affair. Professional wordpress developer teams can help you in building an ebay e-commerce store with the help of free plugins such as woo-commerce at an affordable price.

The experts at Platinum Web Media ( have helped a number of businesses in building their own e-commerce stores on woocommerce. Our developers have a lot of experience in building e-commerce stores with huge number of products and customized options. We also have been a power seller on EBay Australia for more than 10 years and can help businesses in setting up their eBay stores and EBay listings.

Give us a call today and our experts will be happy to help you in setting up an e-commerce store as well as optimize your eBay listings and eBay stores.

Starting Your Online Business

With the threat of unemployment looming large in today’s uncertain economy, it prepares to have a back up plan. If you are trapped in a dead end job or don’t make enough money to make a living from your current employment, here are a few ideas that can help you make another income stream.


Some people fail to start a business as they fear they are not qualified in any specific area, or that they do not have the right (or any) qualifications. Richard Branson the famous multi media tycoon, and now patron of the first ever commercial space flight company once said something along the lines of, Find something you like then put your heart and soul into it.


Learning to run an online business isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Sure it ain’t plain sailing neither, and it will take plenty of trial and error. But, you already possess some unique skills you can offer to people all around the world.


We’ve all read the stories about the stay at home mom who makes $100k per year blogging about being a stay at home mom, or how children’s homework takes an age to complete each night, or how to find the latest’s deals on treadmill review sites. But how do you make money from blogging?


Well the success that most of these stay at home blogging granddads or 17 year old whiz kids have achieved comes from user engagement and an ever growing list of subscribers. These blogs have hit on a particular topic that resonates with the public and it is often one that large corporate blogs fail to hit upon, that is until they see a little independent blog crushing it and they decide to buy it up (another way to make it big!). Hype spreads like wildfire and the blog starts to get a loyal fanbase.


Once people start commenting on these sites and feel they are airing their opinions and getting listened to, a few shares and nudges here and there on Facebook and viola, the whole thing goes viral.


How Do You Actually Make Money (Monetize)

Then there’s monetization, the real key to making money from your blog in the meantime before waiting to sell it to a corporate giant. You can run ads down the side of your blog. They have to be helpful to your readers and provide something of interest to them. For example if your blog is about dog training there is no use running ads for prescription glasses or baby products.


You can run Google Adwords ads on your blog and these will be themed to your blogs content. But bear in mind the click through rate is very small these days on Adwords and the payout can be pennies on the click, dependent on what niche you are in.


The best blog marketers actually collect subscribers emails and occasionally recommend products or services that are closely related to their content. Going back to the dog trainers analogy. You can send an email about your latest post to your subscriber and also say there is a new training course by Mrs X that you have just read and you feel provides excellent information on how to deal with aggressive dogs.


You then insert an affiliate link at the bottom of the email and you make a commission each time someone purchases via your link. Blog marketing 101 stylee.



There are hundreds of affiliate networks like Clickbank and Offervault that you can sign up to that sell these types of information products all day long. A marketer has already provided all the information and the product, all you have to do is send someone to the offer and you can make up to 75% commission. All from having no product or inventory- just sharing information!


But if blog marketing sounds too complicated and you don’t want to manage a blog or a list of subscribers and put updated content on it, there is another way. There is a website called Fiverr that allows you to make $5 and more per sale by carrying out a task for someone. It can be as simple as providing an article for someone on a specific topic, to as simple as taking a photo of yourself wearing a companies branded logo on a t-shirt that they send you in the post.


Lots of people are making a lot of money on Fiverr. Don’t be fooled by the $5 price tag, you can add it lots of extras and accumulate much higher fees. If you are in the graphic design niche for example, you can charge $5 per design unit and each webpage you design for example could amount to 10 units. That way you will make $50 per web page you design and so on. You also don’t need to be an expert on anything in Fiverr, some people will pay you just to post a comment on their website.


Hopefully you have a few ideas from this post now that you can use to broaden your financial horizons on the internet.



How to obtain supplemental income by working from home

make money from home

Many people who have permanent work are also experiencing financial crisis. That is why they are looking for ways on how to obtain income that can supplement their steady income. Working from home is a good idea of generating supplemental income. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs started their business from home.
There are many business opportunities that can be started at home that can help in earning extra bucks. However, you should choose the business idea that matches your business goal. For a beginner, it can be difficult to find the right business opportunity that is why it needs to expand the horizons. Fortunately, by searching in the internet you will find plenty of ideas.
Simple Home Business Ideas That Can Generate Supplemental Income
Customer Service Jobs – This is one of the business ideas in which you can earn additional income while offering different services and earn money according to the services rendered.
Mini-tasks – This home business idea would generate you small income. However, the good thing is that this business idea is not demanding and you can do small tasks online. You just need to spend few minutes of your time of doing the task.make money from home
Freelancing – Doing freelancing job from home is a great way of making money. You do not need to leave your present job. All you need to do is to look for business opportunity that you can do at home that can earn you supplemental income. You can consider event planning business as a freelance job. Most people and even organizations are hiring event planner to plan and organize an event. Single business transaction can earn you big amount of money more than what you earn from your job.
Some people think that starting a home business is just a temporary solution. It can be true, but finding the best business idea that matches your business goal will lead you to success. That is why in choosing work from home it is important to consider your capability and interest. Select business idea in which you are interested and has passion so that you can easily implement it.

How to obtain supplemental income by working from home
Before starting a home-based business you need to do research. Determine your skills and knowledge so that you will know if you can be effective on it. With the plethora of choices for work at home it can be confusing to pick the right one. Never start a business that you are not certain of doing it effectively. Otherwise, you will just waste your money and time.
In choosing the best at home job, you should not only think about how much income you can generate from it. You should choose the one that will not only provide temporary solution, but the one that can earn supplemental income for a longer time. This way you can ensure that even if you retire from your present work, you will have a fallback of having a home-based business. Starting a home-based business is a smart idea especially for those whose income is not enough to make both ends meet.